APRA Compliance Security Seal Removal

APRA Compliance Security Seal Removal

Incident Report

Incident report to be filled out if you require APRA management to investigate an on/off track incident.

2019 Sponsor Sticker Location

2019 APRA Sponsor Sticker Layout information

APRA Driving Code of Conduct Guidelines

APRA Driving Code of Conduct Guidelines (Rev_1)

APRA State Regulations 2019 v3.5

v3.5 Updated June 2019

Version: v3.5
APRA Pulsar Car Fact Sheet

Building your Pulsar for racing:  Revision 1.9 released 26th September 2019

This document provides simple guidelines for people new to the category, it is intended for inexperienced people who need initial guidance and indicative costs (car enthusiasts and people with racing experience in other categories generally know how to prepare a car).

2019 APRA Membership Form

Directs you to the APRA membership form, simply fill it out and submit.

CAMS Licence Application – National Circuit
2016 APRA Constitution
APRA Acceptable Social Media Usage Policy
APRA Drugs & Alcohol Policy
APRA Privacy Policy
APRA Homologation Policy
Your First Race Meeting