Josh Craig

TC Racing are a small, family team named after owner Tim Craig. The team consists of Tim, Josh, Jamie and Max, with Josh competing in the #1 Pulsar in the Australian Pulsar Racing Association championship in 2020. Tim (TC) is the owner of the team and father of Josh and Jamie. He ran one of […]

Ben Sheedy

Car #4 – Bluesky Modular Buildings/Trackschool

Timothy Columbrita

I started my racing career in karting at the age of 10, and moved into Pulsar racing in 2017. I continue to race karts, competing in the Karting Australia National Championship and KNSW State Championship in Tag Light in the CRG Galaxy.

Charlie Viola

Charben Racing… is the manifestation of Ben and I shooting the breeze and pretending to be race car drivers for about 20 years. With Boz’s help We finally got our shit together and got into racing.

Chris Manning

I just love going racing! APRA is one of the most exciting categories I’ve been involved in, I’ve had some super quick cars in my time but love the one make controlled series, for me its a casual passion with friends and family, love the challenge of getting a pulsar around the track as quick […]