Frequenty Asked Questions

Regulations and Rules
Where can I find the category regulations?

The most up to date category regulations can be found right here in the website. Check out the downloads section here

What are supplementary regulations

Supplementary regulations (aka Supp Regs) can be found on the governing body web site, the track specific web site or the promotors website. They contain information such as the Classes eligible to compete, entry fees, practice considerations, entry methods, a timetable for the event covering gate opening times and other specific important information for the event you are about to compete in.

Licensing and Logbook
What license do I need to race

You have two options when it comes to race licenses. We suggest you have a read of our Fact Sheet located in the downloads section or via this LINK for more detailed information.

Both AASA and Motorsport Australia licenses are able to be used in our category.

Race Meetings
How can I enter a race meeting

The best way to find information on entries for race meetings is to keep an eye on APRA Social Media pages. As an APRA member you will also get access to member only content via email and on Facebook. Links to the online entry forms are provided in plenty of time prior to the event taking place.

Vehicle Specifications
What model Pulsar should I buy

For APRA, both the N14 and N15 Australian Spec Pulsar is eligible, further detailed requirements and regulations can be found in our category regulations located here