2016 APRA Racing Regulations Are Released

The 2016 APRA Regulations have now been released. Please familiarize yourself with the rules as they will be policed in all three states as of Rd1 2016. For anyone building a car, these are the rules to which your car needs to be presented. For any of the existing competitors, the biggest changes are around the Wheels and Tyres (6.5″ & 7.0″ Rims are allowed), Headers, Exhaust & Body Work.

You can no longer cut the inner ribbing out of doors and bonnets etc. If you are running a previously built PC Reg Car, you can still compete however if those panels become damaged, they must adhere to the APRA Regs. If there is anything you need clarification on, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the APRA Competition Managers.

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