MEDIA RELEASE – 2016-2019 Tyre Contract

Media Release – Tyre Tender Locked In


1.00pm EDST Friday 18th December 2015

Australian Pulsar Racing Association Ltd

Australian Pulsar Racing Association Ltd (APRA) in recent months extended an opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced companies to tender for the exclusive national supply of tyres to the APRA series.

The review of tenders included but wasn’t limited to:

The overall suitability to APRA needs for a suitable motorsport tyre;

The price per tyre to APRA competitors and with that the amount of tyres required to compete over a season;

The successful supplier’s capability to continually supply the required quantity of tyres over a three year term;

The successful supplier’s tyre performance, wear and overall durability;

The successful suppliers capability to continually support our competitors and provide technical advise regarding how best they are used on APRA cars; and

The successful supplier’s commercial and additional; offering to support to APRA Management in professionally marketing and developing the presence of APRA for our competitors.

Today, Australian Pulsar Racing Association Ltd confirmed in principal that the control tyre for the next three years, starting in the 2016 series is Toyo Tires and in particular… the Toyo Tires R888R.

Price per tyre to APRA registered competitors after rebate is $188.00.

APRA is extremely excited about partnering with Toyo Tires for the next three years and look forward to continuing to develop the best one make ‘grass-roots’ racing series in Australia.

More information about Toyo Tires and APRA arrangement will be made available to competitors after the Christmas and New Years period.


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