Supply Announcement – Toyo

We hope your all well.

It pains us to write this, but it is what it is. We all know it is far from ideal, but like a lot of things in life… we can’t change it so we have to move on as best as we can.

Today we had a great meeting with our exciting new series partner TOYO TIRES. They are a new series partner who will and already are doing some amazing things for our series and ensuring that APRA will be a great place to race well into the future. The downside however, is that today we learnt that there is going to be a slight delay in the first round of deliveries of the new R888R, our series control tyre.

Yes I hear you, it is not the best situation BUT, it’s not anyone’s fault and everyone is doing everything they can to get it remedied as soon as possible. The reality is, TOYO TIRES now anticipate a large shipment of tyres to arrive during the month of March. If this happens early March it will be awesome, if it happens late March, it will be a priority to get the tyres to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we have thought about how we can

  1. keep a level playing field for racing with parity; and
  2. have the least impact we can on ALL members.

The APRA Management Team, as well as in consultation with TOYO TIRES believe the best thing to do is keep the use of the current Hankook RS3 in place. This is until the new TOYO R888R tyre is readily available to all members.

Why keep the Hankook? To be honest, it’s pretty easy, most current competitors are going to have tyre banks available to them which will be sufficient for the first round needs. It’s also a cheap option for members and available from numerous vendors, important for those who need to purchase tyres. For the purposes of clarity, you will not have to purchase the Hankook RS3’s from Gary’s Motorsport Tyres as the rebate deal ended with Hankook 31 December 2015.

Again, we know this is far from perfect however, it’s out of everyone’s control and we need to make good out of bad situation. While this isn’t a secret and I don’t expect people to not discuss this, PLEASE appreciate the potential harm this might cause for those who want to make a big deal out of it. We won’t ever tell you what you can and can’t say however, we would appreciate comments about this remain offline to minimize the effects of bad press. Please refer to the APRA social media policy for further information.

If anyone has any grave concerns with this and would like to discuss, please email us at

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