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2019 APRA NSW State Championship

  • Category: Round 5 - NSW State Championship
  • Dates: Sun 21st July 2019
  • Location: Sydney Motorsport Park
  • Track Length:3.93 klm
  • Circuit Direction: Anti Clockwise
  • Average Speed: 125 kph
  • Maximum Speed: 188 kph
  • Fastest Point: Main Straight
  • Featured Driver

    APRA Racer Update

    Charlie Viola

    Charlie Viola’s role in APRA is split into two very important areas. Not only is he one of APRA’s more experienced racers but he is also a business partner of

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    2019 Ready for Round 5

    With strong entries for the first four rounds of 2019 Championship, the upcoming fifth round at SMSP on July 21st should be no different. We had 39 cars entered for

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